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Your VoIP Auto Attendant – The Best Receptionist You’ll Ever Have!

I’ve come to think that one of the most under-appreciated features of a hosted VoIP system is the auto attendant – sometimes known as a "virtual receptionist." It will greet callers and route calls consistently, courteously and efficiently at any time of day or night. All types of businesses are realizing the many benefits of this exceedingly powerful tool. They’re [...]

The Technology of VoIP

Even as Hosted VoIP phone service gains widespread acceptance and adoption rates continue to be strong, I continue to answer questions like “What is VoIP?” and “How does it work?” almost every day. Read on for a brief primer on the technology of VoIP. What is VoIP? VoIP is an acronym – the telecom world is full of them! It [...]

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Bandwidth: Do You Have What it Takes?

A lot of folks considering Hosted VoIP for the first time wonder if their bandwidth meets the requirements for a hosted solution.  The concern was more pressing back in the day when high-speed connections were not as readily available and T1s with their 1.544 Mbps were considered fast. But, knowledge is power and it’s still good to know the bandwidth [...]

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Avoiding Disaster: Hosted VoIP & Business Continuity

Business continuity, sometimes referred to as disaster recovery, is all about making sure that your business can continue to function even when ‘disasters’ happen.  One of the most critical of functions a business needs to safeguard during such times is their ability to communicate – with customers, suppliers and employees. Hosted VoIP was engineered to protect your business during such [...]

Hosted VoIP Implementation: Prepare for a Great Experience

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” While legendary coach John Wooden made that famous observation about his business – college basketball – I find it applicable to every business.  And when your business is making the switch to a Hosted VoIP phone solution, it has been demonstrated time and time again that the better you prepare – the better [...]

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Nonprofits: Now ‘Profiting’ with Hosted VoIP!

Nonprofit groups are an extremely valuable resource to their communities.  They fill the spectrum from small neighborhood associations meeting a few times annually to large universities and foundations with billions in assets.  Most nonprofits fall somewhere in between and, of course, and almost all need to work with limited resources and within a strict budget. Here are just some of [...]

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