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Nonprofits: Now ‘Profiting’ with Hosted VoIP!

Nonprofit groups are an extremely valuable resource to their communities.  They fill the spectrum from small neighborhood associations meeting a few times annually to large universities and foundations with billions in assets.  Most nonprofits fall somewhere in between and, of course, and almost all need to work with limited resources and within a strict budget. Here are just some of [...]

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Unified Communications: Making Business Communications Cool!

Unified communications (UC) refers to integrating communication tools to help business communicate better thereby helping people to more effectively do their jobs.  Hosted VoIP facilitates UC as a platform that includes instant messaging, presence indicators, mobility features and so much more.  Of course, businesses adoption rates of Hosted VoIP are high are in part driven by the efficiencies that the [...]

Your On-Site PBX: Dead Man Walking

If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it! That’s one of the things I sometimes hear when talking to business owners and managers about upgrading from their current on-site PBX to a Hosted VoIP phone solution.  Change inevitably brings a bit of discomfort so clinging to what ‘works’ now can be appealing. However, at the speed of today’s rapidly changing [...]

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Read the Signs: It’s Time for New Phone Service

Are you the owner or manager of a small- to medium-sized business wondering if it’s time for new phone service? Well, if you’re here reading this and asking that question – I’m pretty sure that it’s time.  Let’s take a quick look at what brought many other businesses to their ‘Eureka’ moment.   What straw broke the camel’s back and prompted [...]

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Traditional PBX vs. Hosted VoIP: Comparing Costs

The primary choices when choosing a phone solution for business today come down to a traditional PBX (private branch exchange) and a hosted VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) system. A cornerstone of the traditional PBX is that the all the system components are housed and maintained at the customer’s location.  Just locate the bulky equipment – complete with tangle of [...]

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Once there was a PBX here

GAIN Capital (NYSE:GCAP) is a multi-national US based company that specializes in FX trading. With a number of business units covering institutional, white-label and retail customers, GAIN Capital’s retail brand FOREX.com is used by self-directed retail traders and professional money managers in over 140 countries worldwide. But it wasn’t always… The company, formed in 1999, was the brain child of [...]


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