Coronavirus COVID-19 Readiness

Reynwood Family,

I wanted to write you all a personal note related to Reynwood’s response and plan for the unprecedented COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Above all else, know that we are taking every step available to ensure that this unfortunate health crisis has no impact on our platform, or your business. I also wanted to address all of you as family as that’s how we view our team, our community, and all of our Clients as well. We will help you Be Prepared… That’s why we are planning a Business Readiness Webinar tailored to your needs. (See below)

Sindar Pichay, CEO of Google put it best, “Contributing to social distancing if you are able to, helps the overall community spread and most importantly, will help offset the peak loads through critical healthcare systems and also saves it for people in need.” In that spirit, we want to do our part for all of you and for our community at large.

Like you, we’re monitoring the latest news about the coronavirus. That’s why we’re doing all we can to make sure that our team is there for you during this global challenge. You can count on us, especially at times like this.

We also want you to have the knowledge and the confidence that you can manage your phone from virtually anywhere, anytime with the Reynwood Mobile App and through our website at

If you haven’t already:

Download the Reynwood Universal Communicator for your Mobile Device and/or the Desktop Communicator for your PC/MAC from our Applications Download Page.

Request Online/App Access to the Reynwood Portal

Note: Due to the unprecedented number of requests we are collecting requests via. a Google form. Your request will be processed quickly and you will be sent detailed instructions on how to use both the portal and the desktop application. (We will be including tutorial videos and specific instructions on each.)

You’ll Be able to:

Take control of all your Reynwood features

  • Change Call Forwarding Features
  • Change Call Handling Options
  • Receive Calls as if in Office
  • Place Calls, as if in Office, from the Mobile and Desktop Apps
  • Listen to Voicemail (portal only)

Business Readiness Webinar:

Reynwood hosted a business readiness webinar on Monday, March 16, which covered:

  • Reynwood’s Recommended Readiness Planning for All Clients.
  • Review the multitude of Work from Home Options that Reynwood provides
  • Equipment and Gear to Support Working Remotely
  • Q&A Session – Answering Any and All Other Questions


Don’t Forget Your Gear:

Reynwood has all sorts of additional gear for you to work both remotely and more productively.

Here is a Direct Link to our page with additional gear and resources…

During the Webinar, we discussed various options on how best to setup a home network. All of the gear we mention will be located and available on this page.

Doing our part to help:

In the spirit of doing our part to contribute to social distancing, as of today, I’ve encouraged all our Reynwood team members to work from home for the foreseeable future. We are fortunate that at many times in our history (think office moves, events, etc.) we have had periods of extended virtual work, and I’m confident that our industry leading support team will ensure it feels just like business as usual.

Our team is available and ready to help you. We’ve ensured that every one of our team members has the ability and the technology to be able to work remotely from anywhere at anytime. Our four data centers across the country are fully supported by Cisco Systems personnel 24×7; we have multiple High-Speed Internet Connections, with multiple carriers in case of any one carrier has an issue; and we have our dedicated in-house support staff poised to help you through any challenges you may have at all.

We take your choice to partner with Reynwood for your communications and data needs seriously, and are honored that you’ve chosen us. Even though much is still to be uncovered as to the severity that this virus will represent, and the timeline to resolution is uncertain, know that all of our resources are marshaled solely to support you, your business, and all who depend on it.

This is an opportunity for all of us to remain vigilant, optimistic and steadfast in supporting our families, friends, and clients through this time, and Reynwood is ready, willing, and able to continue to support you and your business through this season.

In addition, our thoughts and prayers are with all who are confronting this virus head on, whether as a patient, a healthcare worker, a government body or a country. We hope along with all of you that the resolution is swift, that in retrospect the media machine inflated it, and that we can all resume sharing our gifts with the world.


Rich Kelly
CEO, Reynwood

P.S. For the latest information about coronavirus, visit the CDC’s resource center.