It’s part of human nature to reflect on the past as ‘the good old days.’  Just think.  A big snowstorm used to mean sledding with friends, making snow angels, steaming cups of hot chocolate and without a doubt – a welcome day off from school.  Today, it just means you’ve got to deal with the hassles of digging out of the house, de-icing the car, figuring out what to do with kids and pets (and not necessarily in that order) – and, in general, struggling to get back to ‘normal’ just as fast as you can.

The good old days were simpler, easier – in short, better.  That seems especially true as memories fade in our rearview mirrors.  However, when it comes to telecom, Hosted VoIP has turned the good old days of business communications upside down.

What’s a Busy Signal?

There are so many things that make a Hosted VoIP solution so much better than phone systems of the past – a place where so many businesses still try to live – but a particular pet peeve of mine of those old fashioned phones is the busy signal.

Remember when you had to guess the maximum number of calls your business might handle at any given time?  And you had to purchase a ‘line’ for each one.  Guess too many and you pay for excess capacity each month.  Guess too few and callers might get the dreaded busy signal.  It essentially tells callers you’re too busy to deal with them – go somewhere else.

Worse still, these lines were used for inbound and outbound calling.  Talk about frustrating your sales team trying to contact a lead – but having to wait for an ‘available’ line in order to dial out.  Not good for business.

Hosted VoIP, though, deals with user extensions – not ‘lines.’  Every user has their own extension – and better yet, there can be multiple concurrent calls on a single extension.  That means that every person in your office could be on a call and the next potential big customer will still ring through!

So, if you want to deliver busy signals – stick with a business communications from the ‘good old days of telecom.’  However, if you’d prefer to deliver excellent customer service and grow your business, use hosted VoIP.


There are tons of reasons to choose a hosted VoIP solution for your business – a busy signal (or lack thereof) is just one of them.  Consider cost savings, mobility, scalability, an incredible number of great features… well, I could go on and on.  But all of those things make one thing clear:  Hosted VoIP makes these the ‘good old days’ of business communications.