“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

While legendary coach John Wooden made that famous observation about his business – college basketball – I find it applicable to every business.  And when your business is making the switch to a Hosted VoIP phone solution, it has been demonstrated time and time again that the better you prepare – the better your experience will be.

Make sure that you are well prepared in the following areas when making the switch to Hosted VoIP for an outstanding implementation experience.

Document Your Call Flow

The single most important thing that you can do to prepare for a hosted VoIP solution is review and document the ‘call flow’ that you want implemented.  Better and more experienced hosted providers, like Reynwood, will help guide you through this important process.

It starts with what happens when your main number is called?  Does it ring to a specific user?  Does it ring a group of users?  Are calls directed to an auto attendant?  What happens to calls that don’t get answered?  Do they go to voicemail?  Are they forwarded?  Do calls flow differently after normal business hours?

The better you map your call flow, the better your new system will work for you.  And don’t get stuck on the way you ‘always did things’ during this exercise.  You probably haven’t thought about this critical aspect of your business for a while and your Hosted VoIP system can offer opportunities to improve.

Define Your Auto Attendant(s)

It’s part of call flow – but worth mentioning separately because it’s that important.  If you use an auto attendant (AA), you don’t want to launch your new Hosted VoIP service with a system greeting to callers, “You have reached an automated attendant.”  Spend some time writing and recording the greeting that will be the ‘face’ of your organization.

Assess Your Internet and Local Network

Your phones will depend on your internet connection and internal network.  Just as your electric appliances wouldn’t work well on an inferior electrical system, you don’t want to put your brand new business communications technology at the mercy of your local network if it’s just not capable.  Experienced hosted providers like Reynwood are happy to help you with that assessment.

Prepare Your Employees

Switching phone service – no matter that you’re vastly improving it – can be met with some trepidation by your workforce.  It’s a change that needs to be managed.  The best way to keep anxious employees from sabotaging your transition is to set expectations through great planning and communication.  Encourage them to actively learn how the new system works and to get themselves set up and comfortable right away.  Taking time with employees now will enable your business to get the most out of your new Hosted VoIP solution right away.