I had a doctor’s appointment early this morning and… yes, everything’s good, thanks for asking.  And, not that I minded, but I ended up talking more about what a great fit a Hosted VoIP solution is for medical offices today than my health.  (Still great – thanks again.)

Anyway, the business of doctor’s offices is changing.  Tightening margins find more doctors trying to stay ahead of the curve either by managing multiple locations while consolidation or consolidating with other groups/practices.  In such an environment it is critically important that the phone system medical offices use be able to handle a workforce that’s more mobile and geographically diverse than ever before.

Hosted VoIP – the Answer

Hosted VoIP is the perfect communications solution to meet the challenges so many medical offices face today.

  • Multiple Locations – No problem. The technology was virtually designed for businesses with multiple locations.  The Hosted VoIP solution is housed and managed in the service provider’s data centers delivering features like extension dialing between that make inter-office communications a snap.
  • Cost Savings – With little to no upfront costs, unlimited local and domestic LD and no additional maintenance fees for simple moves/adds/changes – your bottom line can get healthy real fast.
  • Scalability – Opening or partnering with another office? No worries here.  Our hosted solution expands easily as you do.  From just a couple of users – to a couple of hundred or more – it doesn’t matter.  You’ll never need another phone system again.
  • Mobility – With doctors on the go and staff that may need to move between locations the mobility features like voicemail to email, simultaneous ring and mobile apps virtually guarantees you’ll never have to miss another call.
  • Streamlined Call Handling – From virtual receptionists to call queues and more, your hosted provider should help review you current call flow and recommend ways to improve processes and increase both staff and customer satisfaction as calls get handled more efficiently than ever before.

As it turns out I’m seeing my doctor again next week.  The tables have turned though because this time I wrote him a prescription.  It’s for Hosted VoIP and the prognosis is excellent.  I expect that business communications in his offices will enjoy a complete recovery and be fully healthy very soon.