One of my friends, we’ll call him Tom, thinks of himself as a great shopper.  I think of him as a great procrastinator.  You tell me.

Tom moved into a new condo a while back and, as these things go, not all the furniture from his old place seemed to fit quite right in the new space.  He was particularly concerned about the ‘Theatre Room’ as he calls it, since he’s a movie buff and spends a lot of time in that room in front of his big screen TV and thundering surround sound system.  Understandably, his furniture choices were important to him – especially his ‘entertainment unit.’

Well, Tom took pride in his ‘shopping’ skills that would lead him to the ‘perfect’ entertainment unit.  He did endless research and visited countless showrooms.  In the meantime his large screen TV – with speakers and wires everywhere – lived atop a six-foot Costco folding table.  And because he couldn’t get other furniture in the room until the centerpiece was purchased, Tom watched his movies from a couple of old camp chairs.

Three years.  Now granted, the unit, the room and the comfy leather chairs are a sight to behold and a great place to enjoy a movie.  But Tom endured three years in not so comfortable seats staring at a plastic table and a web of wires while ‘enjoying’ his movies.  We joke about it now, but Tom finally admits he regrets not pulling the trigger much sooner.  He pretty much knew what he wanted but threw away three years of movie-watching pleasure.  Lesson learned.

Nice Story, but…?

I know a lot of business owners and managers just like Tom.  They know they’re simply ‘enduring’ their current business communications but simply not pulling the trigger.   They also know, deep down, just as my friend Tom eventually admitted, they should act sooner.  Why just endure if you know you’re eventually making the change to a Hosted VoIP solution and it will help unleash the business growth your current system is thwarting.

So Don’t Wait

There’s never been a better time to let a Hosted VoIP phone system help drive your business.

  • Transition is Easy – the right provider will work with you to ensure a smooth transition. They should help you define your requirements and have the depth and breadth of experience to recognize and address any issues before they become a problem.  From documenting your call flow to porting numbers and making network recommendations – you need a provider you can trust.
  • Cost Effective – the right provider won’t necessarily be the cheapest – but should deliver the best value. Consider up-front and on-going costs and understand what you’re getting for your dollar.  Look for great value that comes with working with a true partner.
  • Unleash Your Business – the mobility, scalability and productivity features of VoIP will undoubtedly help derive your business growth. Every day you wait, you’re limiting your potential.

So don’t wait – do your business, your employees and yourself a favor today.