Nonprofit groups are an extremely valuable resource to their communities.  They fill the spectrum from small neighborhood associations meeting a few times annually to large universities and foundations with billions in assets.  Most nonprofits fall somewhere in between and, of course, and almost all need to work with limited resources and within a strict budget.

Here are just some of the ways a Hosted VoIP phone system can help a nonprofit flourish.


I’ve spoken before about the cost considerations that make a Hosted VoIP solution perfect for so many businesses – and nonprofits will benefit from these factors too.  Savings for organizations adopting Hosted VoIP instead of hanging on to outdated on-site PBX technology are driven by little to no upfront costs, virtually no calling charges and a system that’s flexible and will never become obsolete.  Savings generated with your telecom budget translate to a nonprofit’s ability to add dollars to projects that matter the most.

It’s Hosted

Few nonprofits boast of their big IT budgets.  In fact, a 2012 study found that on average there is just one IT person for every 30 employees in nonprofit organizations – and with most registered nonprofits having less than 30 employees – well, you get the picture.  With the entire Hosted VoIP platform managed by the provider, nonprofits won’t need a dedicated, in-house resource to be responsible for the phones.  Moves, adds and changes are easy and expansion is a breeze.


Nonprofit employees and their volunteers often spend a lot of time working directly in the field.  The UC (Unified Communications) features that are inherent in a Hosted VoIP system are perfect to help this mobile workforce stay connected.  Simultaneous ring, find me follow me and voicemail to email are just some of the features that will help any nonprofit more effectively serve its community.

Auto Attendants

Is your nonprofit still dedicating a resource just to answer the phone to direct calls?  Make use of Hosted VoIP’s auto attendant feature.  It’s a virtual receptionist that consistently answers calls with a courteous greeting that can accommodate different messages and call routing based on your office hours.  Callers enjoy the ease with which they can reach the person or group they’re looking for right away.  And your organization will be happy to free up a resource whose valuable time can be spent on more important things than just routing calls.

Is your nonprofit ready to take advantage of all this and more?