Conference Calling

With Reynwood Conference Calling options you can shrink virtual teams, save on travel time and cost all while strengthening your customer and internal team relationships.

N-Way Calling

Reynwood has expanded traditional 3-way conference calling and allows you to bring up to six callers together for those important impromptu calls that require a few key players to get the job done.  All Reynwood extensions come with this convenient feature.

Collaboration Bridge

Need to schedule a more formal get together?  Our Premium Executive Extensions include a personal bridge with dial-in number and access code where you can invite up to 10 callers to join at a specified time.

The Reynwood Conference Center

This professional solution includes a toll free dial-in number, schedules, additional access codes for call security and a host of great dedicated conference calling features like group muting and participant announcement.   Conference bridges can be set up for users at no cost upon request – simply pay for as much or as little as the bridge is used.

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