Usher your FAX into the 21st Century

Faxing in the digital age means better performance. Lower price. No busy signals.

Everything your traditional fax can do, digital can do better – and at a fraction of the cost. We have multiple fax options available, but our most popular is our Virtual Fax.

How it Works

We port your current fax number onto our hosted solution, render incoming faxes as PDF files, and then deliver them right to your email. Because it’s all done digitally, callers never get a busy tone.

Don’t want to give up your clunky (yet beloved) fax? Not a problem. We can hook up an adapter to give you the best of both worlds.

Reynwood Virtual Fax

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Easy to setup and use

  • Keep your current number

  • Receive all faxes through email

  • Transmit immediately through our hosted fax engine and intuitive, online interface

Flexible and collaborative

  • Send and receive faxes from anywhere

  • Get and share alerts for all transmittals

  • Send copies to team members

  • Send and receive all major file types (PDFs, JPEGs, RTFs, PPTs, etc.)

Dependable and efficient

  • Eliminate paper and ink

  • Send multiple documents in the same fax

  • Keep your business “on” 24/7, even when power lines go down

  • Eliminate hidden fees and equipment costs

  • Save with fixed monthly rates that cost less than traditional phone lines

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