Go big on efficiency, not bulky equipment

Hosted VoIP streamlines communication by eliminating the need for clunky and expensive hardware.

It’s Virtually Unbeatable

Yesterday’s phone systems required a significant upfront investment in hardware, were inflexible, and couldn’t easily scale. Today, Reynwood’s hosted VoIP solution turns all that on its ear. Hosted VoIP (sometimes called hosted PBX) simply means we take the hardware off your hands, virtually hosting all the required technology in the cloud.

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We promise you’ll never miss a call

There’s more than a potential lead or sale riding on every call – there’s also your reputation. Don’t risk it on cut-rate providers. Reynwood makes sure your customers always get through.

Here’s why you’ll love Reynwood’s hosted VoIP

With more than 15 years’ experience and more than 15,000 satisfied customers, we have hosted VoIP down to a science.

We make installation a breeze

Reynwood seamlessly integrates our service over your existing internal network. Our head of installation surveys your site and determines the best technical solution. Should extra cabling or wiring be needed, we’ll coordinate the entire install, from start to finish.

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Client Reviews: We Love our Clients, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to each and every one of our Clients. When you work with Reynwood, you become part of the family; trust, loyalty & commitment are key. Check out what our users are saying about Reynwood!

“WOW – These guys are awesome.”

“All of my dealings with Reynwood have been positive… Awesome support… The few minor issues we initially had with our equipment were rectified immediately and to our complete satisfaction. Thanks Reynwood!!! AMAZING!!!” – Mark M.

The Reynwood team has been very responsive and the emails giving tips on how to work with our phone system have been helpful.

Robyn G.

We have been with you all for a long time and think the service is great.

Scott C.

It’s so nice to experience no phone issues or outages and have a resource staff that is always pleasant, knowledgeable, and there for us no matter how simplistic the question or time consuming the solution may be. My thanks to you and your staff.

Nancy M.

Always have a quick response to your problems, besides being such nice people to work with.

Sally M.

Reynwood Communications and James, in particular, are very hands on, always ready with an explanation or an answer and a remedy!

Holly B.

The Tips & Tricks emails have taught me a lot. I learned that there was a Reynwood app. I am using it while working from home and I am loving it.

Keep that communication coming! Thank you.

Heather S.

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