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Alternate Numbers with Distinctive Ring2017-02-14T12:37:33-05:00

Enables users to have up to ten phone numbers and/or extensions assigned to them.

Analog Hotline2017-02-14T12:37:33-05:00

Configures an analog telephone connected to an Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) to automatically call a pre-configured telephone number when taken off the hook.

Anonymous Call Rejection2017-02-14T12:37:33-05:00

Enables a user to reject calls from anonymous parties who have explicitly restricted their Caller ID.

Barge-in Exempt2017-02-14T12:37:33-05:00

 Enables a user to allow/not allow users to Barge-in on your calls.

Business Continuity (CFNR)2017-02-14T16:19:57-05:00

Designates a phone number all calls will route to in case the original number dialed is unreachable.

Busy Lamp Monitoring2017-02-14T12:37:33-05:00

Provides the ability to monitor the phone status of users within a defined group (for example, busy, idle, do not disturb).

Call Forward Always2017-02-14T12:37:33-05:00

Enables a user to redirect all incoming calls to another phone number.

Call Forward Busy2017-02-14T12:37:33-05:00

Enables a user to redirect calls to another destination when an incoming call encounters a busy condition.

Call Forward No Answer2017-02-14T12:37:33-05:00

Enables a user to redirect calls to another destination when an incoming call is not answered with a specified number of rings.

Call Forwarding Selective2017-02-14T12:37:33-05:00

Enables a user to define criteria that causes certain incoming calls to be redirected to another destination.

Call History2017-02-14T12:37:33-05:00

Includes information such as start date, start time, calling number, called number, caller ID, call duration, and type of call.

Call Hold and Resume2017-02-14T12:37:33-05:00

Enables a user to place an existing call on hold for an extended period of time, and then retrieve the call to resume conversation.

Call Logs with Click to Dial2017-02-14T12:37:33-05:00

Enables a user to dial a number when viewing call logs from the call log on a phone, My Phone web portal, or Reynwood client.

Call Notify2017-02-14T12:37:33-05:00

Provides an email notification to a user when they receive a phone call meeting specific defined criteria.

Call Queue2017-02-14T16:34:49-05:00

Call queues are similar to Hunt Groups – but act more like mini-call centers. The  queue temporarily holds calls in the cloud when all users assigned to receive such calls  are unavailable. Call Queues can provide an automated “answer” with customizable  greetings, comfort messages, and hold music for the caller to listen to. Queued calls are  routed to an available agent when he/she is no longer on an active call.

Call Redial2017-02-14T12:37:33-05:00
Enables a user to redial the last number they called by clicking the feature button on their phone or by dialing the call redial feature access code.
Call Return2017-02-14T12:37:33-05:00

Allows users to call the last party that called, whether or not the call was answered by entering a feature access code.

Call Transfer – Attended2017-02-14T12:38:22-05:00

Enables a user to consult with the add-on party before transferring the caller.

Call Transfer – Blind2017-02-14T16:35:27-05:00

Enables a user to transfer a call to another party unannounced without conversation.

Call Waiting ID2017-02-14T16:28:31-05:00

Displays the Caller ID information of the waiting party in support of the Call Waiting Feature.

Dialer for Chrome™2017-02-14T12:40:02-05:00

Users can make click-to-dial calls, access contacts, and manage selected Reynwood PBX features directly from a Chrome browser

Directed Call Pick-up2017-02-14T12:40:02-05:00

Enables a user to answer a call directed to another phone in their group by dialing the respective feature access code followed by the extension of the ringing phone.

Directed Call Pick-up with Barge-in2017-02-14T12:40:02-05:00

Enables the user to barge-in on the call if already answered, thereby creating a three-way call.

Do Not Disturb2017-02-14T12:40:02-05:00

Allows users to set their station as unavailable so that incoming calls are given a busy treatment.

Enterprise Phone Directory2017-02-14T12:40:02-05:00

Allows users to access Contacts and Contact Groups within their organization.

Extension Dialing, Variable Length2017-02-14T12:40:02-05:00

Enables users to dial only the extension number to call other members of their business group, without requiring the called parties full 7 or 10 digit number to be dialed.

Feature Access Codes2017-02-14T12:40:02-05:00

Codes that can be entered through the phone keypad to control the configuration of certain features.


Enables a user’s phone profile of phone number, features, and calling plan to be temporarily loaded onto a shared (host) phone.

Hunt Groups2017-02-14T16:18:53-05:00

Hunt Groups, sometimes called Ring Groups, can ring multiple at once. The  group can be configured to ring the added users simultaneously or individually in a  specified order. Hung Groups allow you to create virtual departments within your  organization.

Inbound Caller ID (Name & Number)2017-02-14T12:40:59-05:00

Provides the calling name and number provided by the caller’s service to the user’s equipment which can be displayed if equipped.

Inbound Fax to Email2017-02-14T12:40:59-05:00

Provides users the ability to receive, store, review, and manage fax messages. Users are notified of new fax messages in the same way that they are notified of new voice messages.

Main Number Outbound Caller ID2017-02-14T12:40:59-05:00

All outgoing calls from user stations will reflect the Main Office Caller ID Number rather than the individual station number.


A solution that allows users to unite their desktop phone with their mobile phone under one single business identity by extending the Reynwood PBX features transparently to a user’s mobile phone.

N-way Calling (6)2017-02-14T12:41:00-05:00

Allows users to add up to 5 other parties to a call.

Office Anywhere2017-02-14T13:31:46-05:00

Office anywhere is a “Fixed Mobile Convergence” feature that provides Simultaneous Ring, Unified Outbound Caller ID, LD and International Deflection, and Fixed Mobile Transfer functionality via the Office Anywhere Portal.

Outbound Caller ID Blocking2017-02-14T13:34:37-05:00

Enables a user to block delivery of his/her identity to the called party.

Personal Phone Directory2017-02-14T16:36:20-05:00

Allows users to create and manage personal contacts in their web portal.

Priority Alert2017-02-14T12:45:28-05:00

Allows a user’s phone to ring with a different cadence based on pre-defined criteria.


Allows users to exclude themselves from the group and directory listings visible to other users.


Enables user-to-user intercom service across an enterprise.

Remote Office2017-02-14T12:45:28-05:00

Enables telecommuters and mobile workers to use all of their features while working remotely.

Selective Call Acceptance2017-02-14T12:45:28-05:00

Enables a user to define criteria that causes certain incoming calls to be allowed.

Selective Call Rejection2017-02-14T12:45:28-05:00

Enables an end user subscriber to define criteria that cause certain incoming calls to be blocked.

Sequential Ring2017-02-14T12:45:28-05:00

Enables users to define a “find-me” list of phone numbers that are alerted sequentially for incoming calls that match specified criteria.

Shared Call Appearance2017-02-14T12:45:28-05:00

Allows for incoming calls to ring on up to 35 additional Site phones simultaneously for a Premium Station, and 5 additional Site phones for a Standard Station, connecting the first phone to be answered.

Simultaneous Ring2017-02-14T12:45:28-05:00

Enables users to have multiple phones ring simultaneously when any calls are received on their Reynwood phone number.

Speed Dial2017-02-14T12:45:28-05:00

Allows users to program up to one hundred personal speed dial entries (00 -99) that can be dialed directly from the portal or used on their desk phones.

T.38 Fax Support2017-02-14T12:45:28-05:00

ATAs supporting T.38 are validated and tested; Analog faxes can be connected to an ATA line associated with a Reynwood PBX station.

Three-way Calling2017-02-14T12:45:28-05:00

Allows users to access their voicemails via multiple options beyond direct phone access.

Unified Messaging2017-02-14T13:33:12-05:00

Allows users to access their voicemails via multiple options beyond direct phone access.

User Web Portals2017-02-14T13:33:49-05:00

Web tools for Site self-administration and the User Dashboard that allow for easy setup and manipulation of features.

Video (Point to Point)2017-02-14T13:33:58-05:00

Video Calling is supported between video enabled phones and clients on the same Reynwood system

Visual Voicemail2017-02-14T12:45:51-05:00

Allows a user to retrieve and listen to their voicemails and inbound fax messages (if inbound fax configured for that user) via the My Phone dashboard.


Provides a recorded announcement message and the ability for a caller to record a voice message for the called party.

Add-on Features

Series Completion2017-02-14T11:20:20-05:00

A Hosted POTS line feature. Provides all the benefits of the traditional POTS provider hunt group, with enhanced control, and significantly less cost.

Squared Key System Presentation2017-02-14T11:20:47-05:00

A feature rich Key System replacement solution for the retail environment.

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