If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!

That’s one of the things I sometimes hear when talking to business owners and managers about upgrading from their current on-site PBX to a Hosted VoIP phone solution.  Change inevitably brings a bit of discomfort so clinging to what ‘works’ now can be appealing.

However, at the speed of today’s rapidly changing and improving communications technology, that thinking will leave your business behind the competition.  So, maybe your on-site PBX isn’t dead yet, but you know that with Hosted VoIP on the scene, it’s just a matter of time.

Here are some very good reasons to upgrade now to a Hosted VoIP solution.

It’s Hard to Win from Behind

Just because a system still ‘works’ doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change.  For some businesses that was the thinking over a hundred years ago.  “Our telegraph service is fine and dandy.  We don’t need to switch to that newfangled telephone service to take care of our customers!”   Well, you can imagine what happened to so many of those businesses whose competi“tors went ahead and adopted newer business communications technology.  Many didn’t survive.  In business, once you fall behind, it’s very difficult to catch up.

No Crystal Ball?  Be Prepared Anyway

It’s hard to know exactly where your company will be in a few years – but clinging to your old technology is almost a certain way to ensure you won’t be as far along as you otherwise could be.  With a Hosted VoIP phone system, your business is ready – to grow, to change and to support your customers in a changing marketplace.  An outdated phone system does not deliver the flexibility for you to manage your business as required in the 21st century.

Communication is Your Business

Business is all about communications – with suppliers, with workers, with customers.   In today’s super connected world everyone a business communicates with has less patience for missed or sloppy communications.  And your customers just might not wait for you to get your act together as you break up with your on-site PBX.

With Hosted VoIP you’ll be able to communicate easily, effectively and efficiently.  And a business that communicates – thrives.

Invest in the Future – Not the Past

If you need to upgrade your communications platform anyway, don’t invest in dying technology.  To keep your old system going, you’ll likely have to spend a fair amount of money for maintenance and upgrades.  And while you may keep it functioning a bit longer – at the end you’ll still have an over-the-hill system that didn’t get you to where you could have gone.

The New York Yankees wouldn’t invest in an aging veteran for a season when they could get the latest young superstar, would they?  (Well, maybe a bad example – but you get the idea.)  Take a look at your aging veteran.  Do you want to renew that contract – or invest in a winner?