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We have a long history working with agencies like yours

Reynwood is a long-time Hosted VoIP provider and trusted partner to many governmental organizations, including local municipalities, police departments, fire departments and housing authorities. Our dedicated service keeps your communications running smoothly, so you can stay focused on what you do best – managing our communities.

Regulated, but still innovative

As a competitive local exchange carrier regulated by the NJ BPU, Reynwood specifically crafted its Hosted VoIP service to bring municipalities and state/county agencies the best of all worlds. Expect easy access to affordable, high-quality communications that offer the flexibility governmental agencies need. But also expect outside-the-box thinking from our experienced team to get things done where others can’t.

Think of it this way: When it comes to carrier regulations, we know how to follow the rules. When it comes to innovative client service, we write our own.

Why government chooses Reynwood’s Hosted PBX solution

  • Experience

We’ve been perfecting and delivering Hosted VoIP to government for more than a decade. If we can keep emergency service personnel as responsive and connected as we do, we can do the same for you.

  • Costs

We get it. You’re up against tight budgets and even tighter approvals.  But never fear. Reynwood’s Hosted VoIP solution delivers low (and predictable) monthly costs, and doesn’t require big dollars up front. In fact, we’ve saved some municipalities close to $250,000 in startup costs.

  • Simplicity

As a regulated provider with tariffed rates, government agencies can contract with Reynwood simply, easily and quickly.  Go ahead and compare – but we can save you the time and headaches associated with a cumbersome bid process.

  • Savings

We’ll help you conduct a full audit of existing services. And that alone is worth a call to us. We typically find agencies paying for years’ worth of unnecessary, unused or expired phone services. In some cases, we identified overbilling of 40% and more. We’ll also help you dispute those unwarranted charges and work towards getting you a refund.

  • Trust

We don’t use the phrase ‘a trusted partner’ lightly. We care about your success and promise never try to make money by selling you something you don’t need.

Learn how Reynwood can save your government office big money – and keep it running smoothly.

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