Unified communications (UC) refers to integrating communication tools to help business communicate better thereby helping people to more effectively do their jobs.  Hosted VoIP facilitates UC as a platform that includes instant messaging, presence indicators, mobility features and so much more.  Of course, businesses adoption rates of Hosted VoIP are high are in part driven by the efficiencies that the technology brings.  But, many like it because it makes business communications just plain cool.

Upgrade now to a Hosted VoIP solution and enjoy these cool UC features.

Desk Phone, Cell Phone, Softphone – It Doesn’t Matter

Today’s workforce is ‘on the go’ more than ever before.  Workers are likely to use multiple devices in multiple places throughout the day.  This used to mean that to reach an employee had to dial them on a variety of numbers – office, home, cell – which you may or may not have had readily available.  Today, features like ‘simultaneous ring’ or ‘find me follow me’ allow for quick, easy and efficient contact.  How cool is that?

Switch Devices Mid-Call

You’re in the middle of an important customer call but have to get on the road for a critical visit to another customer.  You don’t want to cut the call short OR be late to the meeting.  Old technology forces you to make the tough call on that one – so make the easy call with Hosted VoIP.  The platform offers UC mobility solutions so you can seamlessly switch the call you’ve got in progress to your cell phone.  Finish the call AND make the meeting. Cool!

Voicemail to Email

Some calls will go to voicemail.  It’s okay – IF you can be super responsive to the caller.  When you are on the go, traditional systems force you to constantly dial into your voicemail system, enter an extension and then a password JUST to find out if a message is waiting.   If there’s not, what a waste of time!  Or there may be a bunch and you have to listen to all to get to the critical one you’re looking for.  Another waste of time!

With UC bringing voice and email together, voicemails can be sent to email with a .wav file attached.   Pick it up immediately when you’re on the go – and easily find the message you need to listen to fast.  Either way, you’ve just saved a bunch of time and have been way more responsive to your customer.  And that’s just way cool for your business too!

Are You Available?

Presence is an important UC feature to many.  It makes it easy to see who’s available and can provide status of where they are.   Need to find an in-house expert to answer a customer question fast?  Don’t keep the waiting as you guess at who is available right now to help.  Employees can also set an away message which is very helpful if they should become unavailable unexpectedly.

With Unified Communications, your business future is so bright; well, I’m puttin’ on shades!