Advertisers Use Text Message and SMS Marketing

Advertising for Businesses

These days, it’s hard to stand out from the pack solely with email marketing. Take your messaging to the next level with Direct Text Message Marketing.

No matter the business or product, text message marketing is a proven way to increase awareness and drive new sales. Whether you want to highlight a new promotion going on in-store, or you want to drive your clients to sign up for a new course, TextAware gives you the tools to connect with your client base more directly than ever.

What is Text Message Advertising?

Take traditional email marketing, strip away the unnecessary filler, and forge a more direct line of communication with your client – that’s text message marketing.

With more access to smartphones than ever before, it’s no surprise communication has become more bite-sized. With 2 in 3 people preferring SMS messaging to phone calls or emails, taking your advertisements mobile is a great way to reach your clients where they already are.  Plus, with a near-universal open rate of 98%, it’s a guaranteed way to make impressions and get your message out there.

Why Use Text Message Marketing to Advertise?

To put it bluntly: to massively drive sales.

Personalized communications with current and prospective clients are an effective way to build the relationship between brand and client. When that relationship is strong, so are revenues. 

Apart from strong sales, here are some other reasons to utilize SMS marketing:

  • Highly Adaptable & Customizable Campaigns
  • Non-invasive message delivery
  • High Clickthrough Rates on Links
  • Succinct Communication of Key Features or Benefits

Text Message Marketing with TextAware

TextAware is the most reliable, intuitive, and functional platform for Text Message Marketing. Start communicating directly with your clients today for FREE – send up to 50 messages every month on us.

Ring in More Business For Your Business!

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