Law Firms

Picture this: a law firm with a reliable, cost-effective, and consultative phone system that actually helps them get things done. No more missed calls, no more long-distance charges, and no more headaches. With Reynwood’s hosted phone service, lawyers can be sure that they’re always available for their clients, whether they’re in the office or on the go. And with features like auto-attendants, call routing, and voicemail-to-email, they can be confident that calls are always answered promptly and routed to the right person. Plus, with Reynwood’s personalized approach and responsive customer service, they can feel like they have a trusted advisor on their side, rather than just another vendor.

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Why Law Firms Rely on Reynwood

Reliable and Cost-Effective: Law firms need a phone system they can rely on, and Reynwood delivers just that. With a cloud-based system that eliminates the need for expensive and maintenance-heavy on-premise hardware, Reynwood offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for all communication needs.

Personalized Approach: Unlike many providers that offer a one-size-fits-all approach, Reynwood takes the time to understand each law firm’s unique needs and provide personalized solutions that work for them. This consultative approach helps to ensure that every law firm receives the right level of service and attention to maximize their communication capabilities.

Advanced Features: With a range of advanced features like auto-attendants, call recording, and voicemail-to-email, Reynwood’s hosted phone service can give a law firm the communication capabilities they need to stay competitive. These features can help a law firm improve efficiency, productivity, and compliance, while also providing a more professional and polished image to clients.

Benefits of Reynwood for Law Firms

The primary goal of any law firm is client satisfaction – and Reynwood makes that job a little easier. Here’s how:

  • 24 x 7 Service – Whether you’re outside of business hours or helping a customer, Reynwood supports you with an Auto Attendant. The system can route customers to the correct destination, providing helpful information at all times. You can even build menu options for callers such as: press 1 for business hours, press 2 for directions and more

  • Always Connected – While in or out of your franchise location the Reynwood mobile app can help you stay in touch, using your full business communication system on your smartphone. Reach anyone in your franchise or in the corporate office using call extension dialing from either your desk or cell phone.
  • True Mobility – Never disrupt a call while you are on the move. If you need to leave your franchise location while having a conversation, Call Pull can keep you connected as you instantly switch between your office phone and mobile phone without missing a beat.
  • Intelligent Call Routing – With Reynwood, you can create customized Ring Groups that simultaneously ring certain staff members. So if customers have basic questions, they can ring members at the cash register; If they have high-level questions, they can ring the management team.
  • Local & Toll-Free Numbers – Eliminate long distance charges on calls between franchise locations, even if located outside the U.S. with Reynwood. Also enjoy low international calling rates to other countries. Reynwood’s all-inclusive pricing means affordable, consistent monthly rates and greater business value.

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Make no mistake. Your communications system isn’t simply a way to conduct business – it’s a way to drive it. Think greater flexibility and efficiency. Think scalability. And think gaining a competitive edge that makes you look better than your top rivals. We’ll help you bring clarity to your technology vision. And then we’ll seamlessly execute it. Our job isn’t done after installation, either. We’re there whenever an issue pops up. No waiting on hold. No excuses. Just our 100% commitment.