Auto Dealerships

Rev up your communication game with Reynwood’s hosted phone service – the perfect partner for auto dealerships looking to shift into high gear! With advanced features like call recording, call queuing, and auto-attendants, Reynwood’s phone system can help a dealership manage incoming calls more efficiently, ensuring that customers always receive the responsive and attentive service they deserve. And with a consultative approach that’s as finely tuned as a high-performance engine, Reynwood can help a dealership customize their phone system for optimal efficiency and productivity. So the next time a customer calls in, make sure your dealership is ready to go the distance with Reynwood’s hosted phone service!

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Why Auto Dealerships Rely on Reynwood

Enhanced Customer Service: In the highly competitive auto dealership industry, customer service is key. Reynwood’s hosted phone service can help a dealership manage calls more efficiently, ensuring that customers always receive prompt and responsive service. With features like call queuing, call recording, and voicemail-to-email, Reynwood’s phone system can help a dealership stay on top of incoming calls and provide the high level of service that customers expect.

Customizable Features: Every auto dealership has different communication needs, and Reynwood’s consultative approach means that they can work with a dealership to design a phone system that meets their specific needs. Whether it’s setting up virtual extensions for sales or service departments, integrating with existing systems, or implementing call recording for compliance purposes, Reynwood can help an auto dealership customize their phone system for optimal efficiency and productivity.

Cost-Effective: Running an auto dealership can be expensive, and Reynwood’s hosted phone service can help a dealership save money without sacrificing quality. With a cloud-based system that eliminates the need for expensive on-premise hardware and maintenance, Reynwood offers a cost-effective solution for all communication needs. Additionally, with flexible pricing plans, a dealership can choose the right level of service to meet their specific budget and communication needs.

Benefits of Reynwood for Auto Dealerships

Auto dealerships benefit by improving customer service and customizing features to meet their unique needs, all while saving money.

  • 24 x 7 Service – Whether you’re outside of business hours or helping a customer, Reynwood supports you with an Auto Attendant. The system can route customers to the correct destination, providing helpful information at all times. You can even build menu options for callers such as: press 1 for business hours, press 2 for directions and more

  • Always Connected – While in or out of your dealership the Reynwood mobile app can help you stay in touch, using your full business communication system on your smartphone. Reach anyone on your sales floor or in the service center using extension dialing from either your desk or cell phone.

  • True Mobility – Never disrupt a call while you are on the move. Call Pull can keep you connected if you need to leave your dealership while having a conversation as you instantly switch between your office phone and mobile phone without missing a beat.

  • Intelligent Call Routing – With Reynwood, you can create customized Ring Groups that simultaneously ring certain staff members. So if customers have basic questions, they can ring members at the cash register; If they have high-level questions, they can ring the management team.

  • Boost Customer Service – Reynwood allows you to record calls for quality assurance purposes, allowing you to play them back for evaluation and training. You can also create customized call flows and reports for your call center that help you better evaluate and optimize performance.

  • Local & Toll-Free Numbers – Eliminate long-distance charges on calls between locations with Reynwood. Also, enjoy low international calling rates to other countries. Reynwood’s all-inclusive pricing means affordable, consistent monthly rates and greater business value.

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