How Text Message Marketing Works

Text/SMS marketing couldn’t be simpler. Here are the basics…

The 5 Simple Steps of Text Message Marketing

Reach Your Community, Expand your Brand & Crush Your Competition with TextAware


Start by signing up for FREE and getting your personalized phone number. Shared shortcodes are “nice” but having a “real number” to send your text out from is where the real impact comes from.


Promote your ability to keep your community informed through existing marketing campaigns, social media, websites, storefront or other various platforms.


People will opt-in by texting your personalized number, by completing a custom link or by being on one of your mailing lists.

Monitor Results

Use the group texting platform to monitor delivery rates, open rates and spikes in engagement – this allows you to fine tune future campaigns

Text Away

Continue sending out text messages for events, specials or reminders and watch your business take off.

Working with TextAware

What’s It Like To Work With TextAware

Working with TextAware you’ll be provided a username and password that will grant you access to the online platform. From there, you’ll enter a few bits of information to set-up and activate your account. Once you’ve advertised this to your community, you can begin composing your message within the platform, uploading your list of “opted-in” contacts and pressing the send button for simultaneous immediate distribution.

TextAware will track the texts sent, and report back on delivery rates and open rates. Replies and responses from your clients/users are sent back to the online platform so we can produce reports that analyze contact counts and spikes in engagement. These analytics enable you to fine-tune your mobile marketing by constantly improving results of future campaigns.

Ring in More Business For Your Business!

Make no mistake. Your communications system isn’t simply a way to conduct business – it’s a way to drive it. Think greater flexibility and efficiency. Think scalability. And think gaining a competitive edge that makes you look better than your top rivals. We’ll help you bring clarity to your technology vision. And then we’ll seamlessly execute it. Our job isn’t done after installation, either. We’re there whenever an issue pops up. No waiting on hold. No excuses. Just our 100% commitment.