Real Estate Agencies use TextAware

Whether you’re a local eatery or a national chain, TextAware can put your voice in thousands of pockets instantly.

TextAware gives restaurant owners a new line of communication to drive business, highlight specials, organize your staff, or offer promotions for your most loyal of customers

Why Restaurant Owners use Text Blasts

Research shows that the majority of Americans are eating out multiple times per week – why not drive them to your restaurant?

With TextAware, you can keep customers informed with direct marketing messages they’re sure to read. TextAware’s platform allows you to blast out deals and promotions to your customer base, and respond privately to those who follow up for a reservation – or takeout order!

Benefits of TextAware for Restaurants

The main goal of any restaurant is to get customers in the door – and TextAware makes that job a little easier. Here’s how:

  • Affordability – traditional marketing efforts like flyers, magazine ads, or billboards are costly and aren’t a guaranteed sell. With text message marketing, you can guarantee your message will be seen – and for a fraction of the price.

  • Guaranteed Read – How many unread texts do you currently have? On average, 98% of all texts are read. Compare that to emails at 20%, it’s no wonder the New York Times hails text message marketing as a Guaranteed Read

  •  Instant Messages –Do you have a last minute addition to the menu, or a new special you want to highlight? Let your customers know immediately with a text. Not only can you get the message out instantly, you can rest easy knowing 90% of all texts are read within the first 3 minutes.

  • Easy To Use – say goodbye to wasted time formatting and creating graphics for emails or print ads. With Text Message Marketing, you can get your message across instantly, or link your customers to your website for more information

  •  Mobility – How many times have you clipped a coupon, only to forget it at home? With TextAware, you can send out coupons and promo codes, and as long as your customers have their phones, they can redeem their coupon.

  • Quick Start – TextAware makes it simple for any business to start messaging their customers instantly, so you can spend less time setting up marketing campaigns and get back to work sooner.

  • Employee Communications –  streamline communication of shifts, special hours, and updates for the team with an employees-only messaging list

Try TextAware for Your Restaurant Today

TextAware got its start with local restaurants, helping them communicate with their clientele and helping the organize their staff. We know it can help a restaurant of any size streamline their operations and build relationships with their customers, old and new. Try it today for free – the first 50 messages are on us, no payment information required.

Ring in More Business For Your Business!

Make no mistake. Your communications system isn’t simply a way to conduct business – it’s a way to drive it. Think greater flexibility and efficiency. Think scalability. And think gaining a competitive edge that makes you look better than your top rivals. We’ll help you bring clarity to your technology vision. And then we’ll seamlessly execute it. Our job isn’t done after installation, either. We’re there whenever an issue pops up. No waiting on hold. No excuses. Just our 100% commitment.