Applications to Enhance Your Experience

Mobile Universal Communicator

Reynwood UC One Communicator puts your business phone service in your pocket.

With Reynwood UC  One and the Reynwood Communications Business Phone Service you’ll have an amazing toolset to let you focus on your business without compromising on connectivity and the personal touch.

– Make and receive office calls from your iPhone or Android phone using your office phone number
– Manage call flow
– Connect with your enterprise directory
– Take advantage of WiFi access to place office calls anywhere in the world

Reynwood Universal Communicator is available for iPhone and Android Phones, choose the link below or search for “Reynwood” in iTunes App Store or on Google Play Store:

Download for iPhone
Download for Android

Desktop Universal Communicator

Download the desktop Universal Communicator to transfer your computer into a communications hub. Use a connected microphone and headset or speakers to turn a laptop into a conference station.

The Desktop Universal Communicator is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X, choose the link below for the latest version:

Download for Windows
Download for Mac

Reynwood Receptionist

The Receptionist is an attendant console for receptionists or telephone attendants who manage and screen inbound calls for enterprises. The interface is designed to follow the natural work ‘flow’ of a call from the top to the bottom of the screen.

The platform can be downloaded from your myPhone portal when enabled on your service.

Reynwood Call Center

The Call Center Client is a fully featured client for call center agents and supervisors that manages the processing of calls and call flow in your enterprise Call Center. The client provides agents with information about the caller before the call is answered including whisper and, allows the recording of any information around that call. For the call center supervisor, the client provides oversight into call flow, performance metrics and agent status along with real-time call re-routing, monitoring and interception. An external screen or projector can be used to post real-time queue statistics throughout the shift.

The platform can be downloaded from your myPhone portal when enabled on your service.

Quick Help when you need it!

Use the tools below to enable Reynwood to jump in and help.

From here, our support technicians can remotely connect to your computer. You will need to open a support case before we begin.

Before we begin, make sure that you’ve closed or at least minimized any applications that might contain sensitive information. While we can’t take files from your computer without your consent, we will be able to see your screen.

Please select the version specified by your technician:

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