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VoIP 101

Can I keep my current phone number?2017-02-13T15:20:57-05:00

Yes. In extremely rare cases we may need to assign you a new number but Reynwood service can be experienced ANYWHERE!

Can I install Reynwood myself?2017-02-13T15:27:15-05:00

Yes. Reynwood phones are shipped pre-configured and ready use. You can rest easy as we are always available to help. We won’t abandon you like the big “churn and burn” providers.

Can I talk to other Reynwood clients for free?2017-02-13T15:32:26-05:00

Yes. If the party you are calling is on net with Reynwood, you can talk until you fall asleep and incur NO additional charges.

Do I need an existing phone number?2017-02-13T15:21:24-05:00

No. If you don't have an existing phone number, or don't want to transfer your current one, we can provide a new number when you sign up. You can choose a local area code that matches your physical location or one from out of area. We are that flexible.

How does Reynwood work with mobile phones?2017-02-13T15:23:03-05:00

You can easily link your mobile phone to your Reynwood business user account to get the same great features and international rates on the go. If you have an iPhone® or Android™ device, the Reynwood mobile app makes calling easy.

Our mobile app lets you make free high-definition calls and video calls and includes meetings rooms to collaborate with co-workers anywhere in the world.

*Calls made outside of Wi-Fi networks will use your data plan and, depending on your plan and standard data rates may apply.

Is there special pricing for business clients?2017-02-13T15:21:51-05:00

Reynwood offers a variety of solutions and pricing for business. To find the right plan for you, visit please visit reynwood.com or call us at 800-747- 1702.

Will I still receive calls if my power or Internet goes out?2017-02-13T15:31:43-05:00

Yes. Reynwood’s platform stays up even with power and Internet interruptions a evidenced by our platform’s 100% uptime throughout Hurricane Sandy. We encourag clients to work with our support team BEFORE issues arise by setting up our Business Continuity feature which ensures you’ll never miss a call.

How do I contact customer support?2017-02-13T15:28:06-05:00

Engage our support team anywhere by visiting 611.support. Reynwood also offers live support by dialing 611 from your Reynwood phone or 800-747- 1704 from any phone.

What do I need to get started with Reynwood?2017-02-13T15:24:23-05:00

You’ll just need:

  • A broadband internet connection
  • IP phones – Polycom or Cisco preferred
  • A business address
  • An email address
What type of Internet connection do I need? Is it included?2017-02-13T15:20:07-05:00

Reynwood works with any high-speed Internet connection. We can offer fiber Internet in some locations. In most areas you’ll need to have your own broadband Internet service in place.

How is Reynwood different from my phone service?2017-02-13T15:19:18-05:00

The primary difference is that Reynwood works over the Internet. Other than that, you get everything you’d expect from a landline, plus a load of features like voicemail to email and simultaneous ringing.

How do I make calls over a VoIP system?2017-02-13T15:18:13-05:00

Calls are placed in the same way as you would with an ordinary telephone. The only difference is that you use an IP phone that is plugged into an Ethernet connection instead of a phone jack because the call is made digitally over the Internet.

What is the difference between analog and VoIP phones?2017-02-13T15:18:34-05:00

Analog telephones communicate with one another over traditional copper wires. VoIP phones transfer information via the Internet by way of data packets over a broadband connection to another phone. That stream of data packets is reassembled into its original form – the sounds of your voice.

What is VoIP?2017-02-13T15:16:27-05:00

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a technology that enables your voice to travel over the Internet. Speech, converted to packets of data, are sent over the Internet and translated and received as the sounds of your voice.

The Benefits

What makes Reynwood’s Hosted VoIP first class business service?2017-02-14T12:00:50-05:00

At Reynwood, we know that selecting the right business VoIP provider is important for  your company. When you become a Reynwood client, you’ll be signing up with a partner  that really cares about your business. You’ll have a reliable phone system that always  delivers the latest features at great prices. And it’s managed for you by an experienced  team that is always there to help. Reynwood clients know that we keep up with the  demands of your growing company in today’s marketplace. And that’s smart business.

What kinds of businesses are right for Reynwood’s Hosted VoIP phone service?2017-02-14T12:00:21-05:00

Hosted VoIP telephone solutions were made to partner with business and Reynwood’s  Hosted VoIP is the right choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Small businesses  that want a big-business presence; businesses with a mobile workforce; businesses with  multiple locations; and growing businesses (or those looking to grow) will all benefit  from Reynwood’s Hosted VoIP. In short, we can help any business that wants to serve  its customers well and positively impact their bottom line.

What are the feature benefits of Hosted VoIP phone service?2017-02-14T11:59:30-05:00

Reynwood’s Hosted VoIP is more versatile than traditional phone service. It has all the  features you will need to compete better in today’s marketplace. Your business will be  more productive – and more responsive to customers – with features like voicemail-to-  email, find-me/follow- me, simultaneous ringing, mobility apps, collaboration bridges,  user friendly admin portals for easy online management… well the list goes on and on.

What are the cost benefits of Reynwood’s Hosted VoIP?2017-02-28T13:27:57-05:00

There are many cost benefits to Reynwood’s Hosted VoIP versus traditional phone services. Our clients enjoy far lower start-up and maintenance costs and our system can easily grow with your business– from just a few users to a hundred or more. And don’t forget, with virtually unlimited calling included, Reynwood Hosted VoIP clients can save on their local and long distance usage too.

What are the benefits of using Reynwood?2017-02-07T13:26:05-05:00

At Reynwood, we know that selecting the right business VoIP provider is important for your company. When you sign up with us, you’ll get a reliable service that’s loaded with features all for a price that can save you up to 30% off over a traditional phone line. Gone are the days of the closet full of wires and waiting around for the phone company to install upgrades. By using Reynwood, you’ll have access to the latest features as they are available, and can add phone lines with the click of your mouse. Reynwood is the nations oldest and most trusted provider of Hosted VoIP services and can keep up with the demands of your growing company — is like having a trusted partner in your back pocket.

Why should I use VoIP phone service?2017-02-07T13:23:14-05:00

Cloud-hosted VoIP telephone solutions were made to makes businesses more productive. While VoIP is a great way to reduce your bill, it can also provide your company with a range of features that can enhance your customer’s experience and boost productivity. VoIP also makes a great fit for growing businesses, as adding new lines, features and extensions is as easy as clicking a button. Want to know more about why VoIP is the right choice for your business? Give is a call today at 800-747-1702.

What are the benefits of VoIP?2017-02-07T13:20:31-05:00

VoIP is much less expensive than traditional phone service, especially in cases of heavy long distance or international calling. It is also far more versatile than analog telephony with features such as voicemail-to-email, find-me/follow-me and simultaneous ring that can be managed from an online interface.

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Plans and Options

Why should I choose Reynwood over other VoIP providers?2017-02-14T12:07:51-05:00

At Reynwood, we believe phone service shouldn’t be used merely to conduct  business – but to drive it. We not only have the knowledge and experience to help you  do that – but we actually care about your future business success. As a trusted partner,  we’ll help bring clarity to your technology vision – and then help you seamlessly execute  it. And we don’t believe that our job is done after installation. We’ll always be there when  you need us. No waiting on hold. No excuses. Just our 100% commitment to you, our  client.

What kind of contracts is required?2017-02-14T12:07:27-05:00

Reynwood is flexible and offers a variety of term plans to choose from to meet your  business needs. Clients committing to longer terms will enjoy bigger discounts.

If we start with one business phone plan, are we locked in?2017-02-14T12:06:59-05:00

No. Reynwood understands that business requirements can change and we’re happy  to work with our clients to determine changes that may be necessary to best fit your  evolving needs. Simply speak with any one of our client advocates whose knowledge  and experience will help find the right configuration for your business.

How do I add or use additional business phone features?2017-02-14T12:06:31-05:00

Every Reynwood extension comes with a rich set of business features. If you’ve just  discovered one that you’re not completely familiar with, visit our online video training  center or reach out to one of our friendly support team members who will be happy to  help.  For features that may require additional charges, we will require confirmation from the  identified authorized representative of your company.


Does Reynwood offer equipment leasing?2017-02-14T11:36:21-05:00

Yes. Contact us to learn more about how we may be able to help with phone leasing  in conjunction with a suitable contract.

Are you charged for checking Reynwood business voicemails?2017-02-14T11:35:43-05:00

No. Actually, you can check messages from anywhere as many times as you’d like.

What extra charges can I expect each month?2017-02-14T11:34:53-05:00

With unlimited calling and maintenance for upgrades, moves, ads and changes – there  are no surprises. Note that International calling usage and taxes/fees are not included in  the monthly service pricing.

How much does service with Reynwood cost?2017-02-14T11:34:24-05:00

Reynwood has always offered simple and transparent pricing – and our clients have  actually told us it has cost them more NOT to have our Hosted VoIP service.  Each of our clients starts with a $25 monthly ‘Site Package’ that provides their cloud  calling environment. It is the ‘backbone’ of the service and enables extension dialing,  music on hold, a unique voice portal and much, much more. We also throw in your first  Auto Attendant and Call Queue to start you off right.  Unlimited national calling extensions start at $29.99 per month but awesome discounts  are available for quantity and term commitments. Contact us and we’ll show you the  many ways you’ll save with Reynwood Hosted VoIP.


What software do I need to install?2017-02-14T11:31:52-05:00

You won’t have to install any software to enjoy Reynwood’s Hosted VoIP service.

Do I need a phone line or special equipment to make this work?2017-02-14T11:31:22-05:00

Starting your service with Reynwood is easy, but it does require high-speed internet  access, router, modem and compatible phones. We can port in your existing telephone  number – or, if you’re just starting out, provide a new one in your area.

What phones are compatible with Reynwood Hosted VoIP?2017-02-14T11:30:47-05:00

Reynwood supports and recommends a variety of Polycom and Cisco devices.  However, we’re often adding additional supported devices so encourage you to check  out the complete list at reynwood.com.

Set Up

Is Reynwood’s service compatible with my physical fax machine?2017-02-14T11:48:00-05:00

Yes. Reynwood offers a great solution using a fax adapter for those clients that want  to still use their fax machine to physically send documents. However, we also offer –  and recommend – deploying an easier and greener fax-to- email solution.

How much technical skill is required to set up and use the service?2017-02-14T11:47:15-05:00

You don’t have to be a tech specialist to switch your business phone to VoIP — in  fact, you really don’t need any technical experience at all. Your new IP phones arrive  ready to make and receive calls, creating a true “plug and play” solution right out of the  box. The account settings can easily be administered from our user-friendly online  interface. But remember, if you need help, Reynwood is there.

Does Reynwood’s Hosted VoIP system replace my phone system?2017-02-14T11:46:46-05:00

When you switch your business phone service to Reynwood, you’ll be replacing your  old, outdated equipment with latest in VoIP technology. This can free up valuable space  in your office by removing that “closet full of wires” and bulky equipment. Your new  phone system will also give you access to a wide-range of business-class features and  mobile capabilities, allowing you more options on how you run your business.

What do I need to use Reynwood’s Hosted VoIP?2017-02-14T11:45:56-05:00

While this is leading edge technology, the installation of your new Hosted VoIP phone  service is really very simple. All you need is an active high speed internet connection  and an IP phone. Soft Phones can also be used in conjunction with a headset and a  computer. Everything you need for your business phone is hosted in the cloud, so gone  are the days of closets full of equipment.

Can I keep my existing number?2017-02-14T11:45:19-05:00

Yes. Reynwood will port your existing number to our network when you become a  new client. We can also provide new or additional numbers if needed. Numbers can port  away from Reynwood for accounts that are current.

Will my phone service be interrupted when I switch to Reynwood?2017-02-14T11:44:04-05:00

No. Reynwood understands that your phones are the lifeblood of your business and  takes every precaution possible to ensure a seamless transition. In very rare cases  where a previous provider may have dropped the ball, Reynwood has always been there  to help.

How many business phone lines do I get with your service?2017-02-14T11:43:33-05:00

Don’t think in terms of traditional ‘phone lines.’ Guessing about concurrent calls and  expected call volume is a thing of the past. With Hosted VoIP each extension comes with  a unique phone number that can handle multiple calls at the same time. So, even if  everyone in the office picks up the phone at once – there’s no more worrying about busy  signals. Our Hosted VoIP service can easily grow with your business to hundreds of  users and more!


How would I cancel my service with Reynwood?2017-02-14T11:41:47-05:00

It’s not a common request, but if your business circumstances dictate that you need  to close your account, simply submit a disconnect order specifying the services you  wish to cancel. No account may be closed with a past due balance – and note that  termination and other fees may apply as per your service agreement.

How do I reach client support for Reynwood?2017-02-14T11:41:07-05:00

The Reynwood Client Support Team is available to answer your questions or address your technical support concerns anytime.

  •  Client support is available by dialing 611 from any Reynwood phone or toll free at 800-747- 1704 from anywhere.
  •  Webinars and Self-Paced Learn Training Sessions are available for online training.
  •  You can also log in to you individual user and site admin portals at any time to access and manage your user and group features.
What type of support services does Reynwood offer?2017-02-14T11:39:11-05:00

Reynwood knows you want the highest levels of live support for your critical business  communications needs. That’s why we’re so very proud of how our clients rave about  the level of the support they get from the very helpful and highly experienced Reynwood  team. The fact that we’re always there for our clients is one of the things that truly  differentiates us in the marketplace. We also offer a variety of online support options as  well.

How do I contact customer support?2017-02-13T15:28:06-05:00

Engage our support team anywhere by visiting 611.support. Reynwood also offers live support by dialing 611 from your Reynwood phone or 800-747- 1704 from any phone.

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