Sports Teams Use Text Message and SMS Marketing

Text Messaging for Sports Teams & Coaches

Effective communication if the key for any team, both on and off the field. TextAware makes it easier than ever for coaches to connect with their athletes, gather feedback, and make sure everyone knows the game plan. Whether you’re the coach of your child’s little league team, or you’re in charge of a antional team, TextAware gives you the tools you need to keep everyone informed.

How Coaches can use TextAware

A Coach’s role in communicating with the team is more complicated than where and when practice is going to be – it’s boosting morale after a tough loss, it’s gathering feedback on new strategies, and it’s collecting the necessary fees and permissions. With TextAware, you can streamline those processes, all with a few clicks, and keep everyone on the same page

Examples of Team Text Messages

Still wondering how TextAware can up your game? Here’s a few examples:

  • Updated Practice Times – Things change – don’t let your team be the last to know! Use TextAware’s group texting to create a group chat so everyone knows when to show up for practice.

  • Celebrate with Photos – Take an amazing shot during the game? Share it with the team along with some words of encouragement & celebrate together!

  • RSVP in the Affirmative – Streamline the process of setting up that post-season dinner using TextAware’s text blast features

  • Group Texts – Create group messages with specific athletes or parents you need to communicate with

Benefits of Text Messaging for Teams

  • Guaranteed Read – the open rate for text messaging is 98%

  • Higher Response Rates – Need an answer? The average text message reply takes 90 seconds

  • Immediate Communication – Gone is the need for phone chains – connect with everyone on your team in an isntant

  • Mobility – Unlike a phone call, you can’t miss a text. Any important updates or information will stay with your athletes.

  • Streamline Communication – with automated reminders and autoresponders, you can quickly answer any athlete or parent’s questions before they even ask.

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