Text Blast Using Text Message and SMS Marketing

How Text Blasts Can Help Your Business

With everyone being on their phones all the time, it’s never been easier to reach customers where they are with text message marketing. TextAware’s platform makes it easy to craft effective text blasts to introduce your brand, highlight a new product, or send out alerts to your audience.

Our platform makes it easy to reach thousands of people in seconds through a well crafted text blast – and with a higher read rate and click through rate than email, you can ensure your message will be heard.

Text Message Marketing has never been more accessible. Start sending with TextAware Today

What are Text Blasts?

Text Blasts are a messaging tool used to send a single text message to multiple people – be it 5 or 5,000! Text Blasts can be used in a promotional way, to highlight new product launches or sales events, or used in an informative way to raise awareness and get your message seen as quickly as possible.

Some Tips for Effective Text Blasts

Craft messages your customers are sure to resonate with

  • Craft Your Headline – An attention grabbing headline is the best way to ensure your message draws people in and is read all the way through.
  • Cover the Basics – The beginning of an effective text blast should communicate the “who, what, and why” to inform your audience and grab their attention.
  • Include Relevant Info – Make sure to include any information important to your blast – dates, locations, times – or include a link to an event page.
  • Make it Personal – When used in a thoughtful and personal way, text blasts can be an effective tool to build the relationship between your brand and its clients.

  • End on a Call to Action – Make sure to drive customers to your website or sign up through an effective call to action when you close your text blast!

Text Message Marketing with TextAware

Similar to email marketing, text message marketing gives you a direct line of communication to customers who’ve opted into marketing communications – the difference, however, is in its effectiveness. Customers are five times more likely to open a promotional text message than they are an email, and with the nature of text messages, your message will be concise, well crafted, and seen by 98% of your list.

With TextAware, you can craft ultra-effective text blasts to promote your business, drive sales, and build on your client relationships. Get started today with 50 messages free – no payment required.

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